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 Do you ever feel like…

You’re trying to be all of the things all of the time and you're just running out of steam?

You’re talking into an empty black hole and no one seems to be listening?

If you just had an actionable plan on how to manage your Unit Facebook Group it could be a communication game changer.

I hear you girlfriend!

And I’m here to tell you that what you are feeling is completely normal . That's why I'm hosting a FREE live training sharing 3 secrets to managing your Unit Facebook group so your team is motivated,engaged, and connected, and you can get back to what brings you joy in your life and business.

Drop your email in the form below and I'll email you the day of the webinar with a link to join. And don't worry- if you can't attend the event live you can watch an instant replay as long as you register ahead of time below!

Client Love Notes

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A more organized business is calling! How can I help?

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Hi! I’m Keleigh, and I believe in YOU! 


My passion is supporting your business and I’m here to be both your go-to graphic design girl, and also your cheerleader - when you succeed, I know I have succeeded!

With 4 years as an Independent Beauty Consultant under my belt,  a Bachelor  of  Fine  Arts  from  the  New  Hampshire  Institute  of  Art,  and  4 years  working  for  Fortune  500  tech  company  Apple,  I’m bringing to the table  a  unique  blend  of  technical  experience  and  a  professional design  background which fuels everything I do for you.

My goal is to bring you an impactful,  innovative  suite  of on-trend  digital  business  tools  as  well  as  a  technical  support  system  where you need  it  most! When you work with me you’re not just getting pretty business tools. You’re getting pretty business tools that work.

But let's talk about you for a second.

I know that You are driven, you are dedicated, and you are ready for your business to flourish.

But you’re running out of hours in the day and you know that behind every great woman are great women supporting her.

I empower passionate female entrepreneurs and leaders just like you to grow their businesses with intentional strategies and systems. I take the guess work out of what works and what doesn’t work so you can get back to what you are truly passionate about; enriching women's lives.

I have happy, hustling clients from across the United States and Canada who have taken back their time so they can build sustainable businesses with strong, consistent teams. I am dedicated to helping you reclaim your time, too.

I work with a ‘quality over quantity’ mentality: I’ve done the mundane, behind the scenes work so you don’t have to, and I’ve curated a collection of services designed specifically to help you propel forward. No more treading water.  

I’m here to supply you with the tools you need to reach your full potential, then pass it on, and:

  • I believe you can can build the business of your dreams.

  • I believe you are capable and worth investing in.

  • I believe you deserve to live a life with more freedom to pursue the things you love.


Free Resources On The Blog 

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