3 Ways to Beat The Facebook Algorithm

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to marketing your business and connecting with your team. Most people are hanging out on Facebook- it’s the modern day version of the water cooler in the office - so it’s a smart place to bring important information about team challenged, company information, and recognition if you want it to be seen.

But, on the flip side, social media can become redundant and over-crowded and there is a LOT of competition for attention from both your friends and… the dreaded algorithm.

That’s why today I’m sharing my top 3 tips for harnessing the power of social media as a tool for your business!


Interaction is Key

Most importantly, people need to interact with your posts in order for them to work, but also for the algorithm to show them to people.

The most important thing you can do to ensure that people actually see your posts is to promote interaction and engagement. According to Facebook.com, “Post engagements can include actions such as reacting to, commenting on or sharing the (post), claiming an offer, viewing a photo or video, or clicking on a link.”

Basically, the algorithm’s job is to sort through ALL of the posts on Facebook and push the posts of the highest quality to the top. So, the posts that people engage with most are viewed as the most interesting or popular and therefor get pushed to the top and are shown to more people.

So your job as a modern social media maven is to make sure your posts are worthy of interaction. My next few tips with help with this!


Quality over quantity

People have a LOT of options for content to consume on social media. Make sure yours is worth interacting with.

Ouch. I know.

But this is so important: there is SO MUCH CONTENT on social media these days… and scrolling is so easy. Think about when you are on social media: when you have the choice to look at a really gorgeous post that is either a great photo or an eye catching image versus an image that is blurry and hard to ready which do you spend more time on?

We, as humans, are drawn to beautiful things. It’s why design in your business is so important and why advertising and marketing is such a booming industry. When you make sure your posts are high quality, crisp, clear images you are that much more likely to capture attention and therefor engagement. All you need is for someone to click on your post to make the image bigger and BAM…. points for you with the algorithm. Do this enough and you’ll start to see your engagement improve.

Need high quality social images? Here’s a few to get you started:

  1. If you are recognizing your team, give the Anchor Insider Program a try. Here you’ll receive social templates designed to make you look good with as little effort required from you as possible. These templates are designed specifically to increase engagement from your team when used with a Unit Facebook Group - the result? When you post in your group, the algorithm shows it to your team. For blog post readers only, get 50% off in October 2018 using code SocialMediaMaven.

  2. Stop stealing google images (LOL… but seriously!). They’re blurry and have a watermark for a reason, and don’t you agree that if the result is engaged unit members and customers it is worth investing in? Here are a few stock photo bundles that are sure to make your girl boss heart sing (and make your social media posts, flyers, and pic collages MUCH more professional!)

    • See this set for $3 - I’d describe this set as soft, pink, blush, airy, and very feminine. It’s also unbelievably budget friendly.

    • See this set for $12 - This set is for my fuscia/purple loving ladies!

    • For my girls really looking to step up their branding and social game, I highly recommend this stock photo subscription. This isn’t for everyone, but if social media is your thing or you have a blog associated with your business this is a game changer.


Focus on Connecting

When you focus on building genuine relationships sales will come naturally.

Your friends and family are stopping your Facebook timeline to love on you, not your products but it is through this love that you can build the trust required to move someone from friend to customer. Focus on building relationships by spending time every day actively interacting with your friends. Share positive comments on posts, write on a friends timeline just to say say hi or congratulations on a recent achievement, and share images that allow friends to get to know YOU not your brand.

In the same hand, avoid sharing the same posts everyone is posting. Right now we are mid chroma-fusion launch and on my timeline I’ve seen the same 12 photos shared well over 30 times. I don’t even associate these posts with specific people anymore, and I certainly don’t look at them, because they are so overshared and I know they are not genuine and your friends know the same thing. The likelihood of your friends NOT being friends with another Direct Sales consultant is extremely slim which means the likelihood of your friends being bombarded with these posts over and over and over is really high. You need to find ways to stand out from the crowd of copy-cats and share something new with your friends or they’re going to scroll right on by if they’ve already been-there-done-that.

Spend a few weeks and then months focusing on just increasing your friendly presence (not your business presence) on social media and watch how your relationships transform. Plus, engagement works both ways: when you are active, the algorithm is happy!

Now that you have 3 simple tools in your belt, you have what you need to break through the algorithm chains and boost your reach and take your social media game to the next level.

Next week, I’m going to dig a little bit deeper into the social media game and investigate groups versus pages versus timelines and share some specific tools on how you can harness the true power of each one to not only foster relationships but to boost your sales.

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