5 Smart Ways to Build Your Brand With A Logo

You’re working hard to build a strong brand; you’re building up your unit, you’re building up your customer base, and maybe you’re even working on your National Area. You’ve got the mindset and the plan… but what about the visual side? Do you people recognize your brand even when you’re not there to explain that it is yours? That is where a logo can help!

Your logo is a visual tie in between all parts of your brand- your customers see it, your team sees it, and you see it. It creates a visual sense of unity and is a smart way to help keep you consistent in the image you put out to the world. A unit logo should show your personality, draw people in, and be recognizable. Once you’ve got a logo in your hands… well, the possibilities for ways to use it are endless!

To help get you started, here are my 5 favorite ways to use your unit logo:

  1. Apparel: getting ready for a group event like Seminar or Fall Retreat? Unit tees, sweatshirts, or jackets are great for morale, image, and create a sense of unity!

  2. Business Cards and Websites: Two places that your customers can learn more about you and your business are clear front runners for places that your brand should be prominent, starting with a well designed logo.

  3. Training Materials: There’s nothing like being handed a stack of tracking sheets and flyers that were made for someone else’s unit and have clearly been photo copied 15 times. But a crisp, clean document with your unit logo? That send a message that this was a carefully created, well thought out business tool that YOU created just for your team.

  4. Social Media: There are SO many opportunities for you to spread brand awareness on social media- from your Facebook Banner, to your instagram profile photo, to your business page. Your logo will get in front of hundreds, if not thousands of people which builds and solidifies your brand.

  5. Recognition: When you recognize your team for their achievements, include your logo to build a sense of unity. Whether it is you Unit Newsletter header, your Unit Website banner, a watermark on your Social Media Recognition posts, or Unit Awards your logo should definitely be included!

These are just a few great ways to use your logo, but I’d love to hear your ideas! Drop a comment below with your Unit Logo plans. Don’t have a Unit Logo yet? We’d love to help! We offer both custom design services as well as logos that are ready to use in just 5 days, so no matter what your budget and time frame there’s a solution that can help you get started!

Keleigh LauermannComment