10 Ways to Use Your Digital Business Card


A business card is a powerful tool- it's a lasting impression and often the first line of connection you have with a potential client after you meet them for the first time. If you run a modern, on trend business a digital business card may be right for you, so we want to share ten ways you can become more efficient and effective, and make your digital business card work for you!

Text it when warm chatting

  • It’s easier to talk to someone when you have something to give them and your Digital Business card is a great gateway to start a conversation!

  • Plus, consider this: if you hand someone your paper business card you don’t get anything in return. But if you offer to TEXT them your business card you now have their name and cell phone number for easy follow ups and booking!

  • No more awkward “can I have your number and I’ll call to book an appointment.” Instead try, “Here, let me text you my digital business card! What’s your number?” - It’s casual and natural!

Ask your hostess to send it to her guests so they can RSVP and pre-profile themselves

  • When someone RSVP’s using the form on your AnchorCard you immediately receive an email with all of their contact information and the answers to your pre-profile questions!

  • Save their information so after the party you can follow up to book another party or perhaps a recruiting appointment.

Share the MK Opportunity

  • With a gorgeous opportunity marketing page designed to share all of the wonderful part os the opportunity through videos, audios, images, and conversation your AnchorCard is an incredible recruiting tool!

  • Your lead page even includes a form that customers can fill out gauging their interest in the opportunity!

  • Text this to your party guests a day or two after parties- you can use the script “It was so much fun meeting you at Jenna’s party on Sunday! I really loved getting to know you and was wondering if you would be willing to fill out a survey for me about my business - all you have to do is watch a video, read a little info, and then share you opinion. Can I send you the link?” Then text your AnchorCard link!

Allow customers request to book a party

  • Have a client who is on the fence about hosting? Give them an easy way to request their appointment by letting them complete a simple form on your AnchorCard. 

Grow your following

  • Include a link to your customer Facebook group so potential customers can join.

  • Your customer Facebook page is a gold mine of warm leads- growing this group is a great way to build a community of people you know are interested in your business!

  • Even if they do not make a purchase right away, they will see your marketing efforts and in the future you may be able to book them or make a sale!

Ask your customers to save it on their phone

  • Ask your customer to add you as a contact on their phone, and include your digital business card link.

  • Alternatively, on an iPhone they can add your link to their home screen - no pesky app necessary!

  • Rather than having to remember anything themselves, they can simply click the link to your digital business card where they can scroll through the current look book, shop you’re website and then easily schedule an appointment or contact you for an order!

  • Plus, having it saved on their phone puts it in front of them every day! 

Ask your customers to text it to their friends or post it on social media

  • What a great way to get referrals!

  • Have a challenge on your customer Facebook group: post your link and say “Just updated my new business card so I thought a challenge would be fun! Share my link on your Facebook page and tag me! Everyone who shares and tags me will be entered to win _________."

  • Don't give away the house- in fact, this is a great way to book parties if your gift is, for example, "50% off one product at any party or experience this month" or “a free mascara at any appointment in the next 30 days.” 

Share it yourself! 

  • Post your link with “Hey guys, I just updated my digital business card and I’d love your feedback! Can you click the link and let me know what you think?”

  • This is a nonchalant post! It’s friendly, light, and the key is that it does NOT ask for a sale, making it much more likely to be read than a sales post! 

Share your link on your Instagram business profile

  • Have you ever seen someone type “Link in Bio” in their post of instagram story? Add your link in your profile so customers can shop directly from instagram!

  • Reference your link easily in posts or stories anytime!

Give it to family and friends to share!

  • Has mom ever said “I told Beatrice all about your business today” and then you never hear from Beatrice? If mom could text her your AnchorCard Beatrice would have a way to get in touch!

  • Has a customer ever wanted to share your name with a girlfriend but left it up to change? Give her your digital business card to text to her friend!

These are just a few of our favorite ways to use your AnchorCard Digital Business Card! Have an idea to share? Tell us in the comments below!