Dress For The Job You Want, Not The Job You Have


Pretty sure I’ve never been THIS excited about clothes showing up at my front door.

Meet Trunk Club. Basically it’s another one of those subscription boxes where they send you stuff and if you like it you buy it, if you don’t you send it back.

It arrives in the CUTEST actual trunk. Handle and all. I mean their packaging is just so great.

But this one is different. Here’s what I love:

1. I get to have conversations and message my personal stylist any time I want. 

2. My stylist picked out 12 items to send me and sent all of them to me via email so that I could approve them before she sent them. Yeah LOL. All the stuff that I didn’t love I declined and she replaced with stuff I actually did love. I still got the surprise of somebody else helping find things that met all of my requests (demands? Lol!) but if there was something that I knew I would never in 1 million years wear , I didn’t have to have it arrive in my box.

3. I got to set my budget. None of the items that she sent me were outlandishly expensive because she knew what I was willing to spend.

4. Yes, there is a styling fee. Of course there is. Otherwise if I send everything back how do they pay the girl that sent me all the stuff and spent hours chatting with me? 😂 But it was only $25 and if you decide to keep something from the box they just apply as a credit to the final bill. I knew I was guaranteed to love something from the box because I got to approve everything that arrived and request specific types of items before the box came. It was a no lose situation. I even knew the prices of the items before they arrived so if I were to see something that I loved but knew I couldn’t afford I could decline it and have her include something similar at a lower price.

5. The quality is unmatched. These are not cheap items that you wear for a season and throw away because they’re falling apart.

6. I got to be super picky and nobody seemed to mind. That by itself was just a nice break from reality… haha!

7. I didn’t have to spend hours weeding through clothing I either didn’t love, couldn’t afford, wasn’t good quality, or wasn’t my size. Every single item in this box fit, or there was a specific styling reason that it did not fit that made perfect sense to me. Ask me how many times in my life that has ever happened to me.

8. She sent me 12 items! Not four, not one outfit. 12! And I got to request whatever I wanted! I didn’t want jewelry so she didn’t send me jewelry. I didn’t want shoes so she didn’t send me shoes. I knew I wanted a pink dress so she sent me the pink dress of my dreams and I bought it.

When she emailed me my preview I got to decline anything that I didn’t feel like having her send and she replaced it with things I liked more!

9. Some of the stuff was actually on sale just like in the store! The dress that I ended up buying was 40% off. It literally was the dress of my dream so I was happy to pay full price but I could not click “keep” fast enough when I realized that it had been marked down 40% off.

I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed with quality over quantity, excellent service, and having someone who’s job it is to help me love my wardrobe.

If you’re curious and want to check it out- click here!

I hope you love it as much as I do!

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