Timeline, Page, Group, OH MY!

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We all want to be rockstars on social media and when used correctly, social media can be your number one sales-making machine and hands-down the best way to establish your personal brand. In a recent post, I talked about what you should be posting on social media in order to attract clients. (If you didn’t read it, spoiler alert: it’s not more sales pitches!)

Now that you’ve started to unleash your inner social media rockstar, I wanted to dig a little deeper and say this: it’s not only about what you post, but where you post it. You want to make sure your message has the greatest possible impact. To do this, you first need to decipher whether it’d be best said on your Facebook timeline, page, or group. Here’s the difference:


Let’s talk timeline

Your timeline needs to be 100% focused on you. Your friends and family are stopping by to love on you, not your products. This is not the right context to ask customers to buy from you. Your timeline builds a personal connection between you and the people who you are friends with—it is not a professional setting. Still, you’ll want to be careful what you post on your timeline. Excessive complaining or drama on your timeline does not present the best image for you professionally or personally on social media, no matter where it’s posted.


Let’s get down to business

Your business page is for building your brand. This is the perfect place to get your marketing message across. It’s the right setting for all those professional product photos. Your page should give a taste of what you have to offer, but it’s not a sales pitch. It’s all about your brand—that includes your vision, your favorite products, your behind-the-scenes posts, and a whole lot of personality. Your goal is not to make a sale, but to show what you’re about, engage your followers, and make them want to buy from you.


It’s a group effort

Your group creates a community where you can build trust and grow relationships. Your current customers and hot leads are the least expensive clients you have. Think about it. A client who has already held a party may not need another one to make a purchase, so the amount of time you put into selling to them goes down exponentially. That means that your hourly pay is significantly higher from these kinds of sales. It’s also a lot less hustle and stress for you. Enter, FB groups! A group for your current clients is the ideal way to engage those you already have a relationship with. This is totally different from the way you would engage a potential customer (which you’re doing on your business page already, right?). Your group posts should be geared toward what your current customers would want to see and hopefully entice them to buy more products—like fun posts, tutorials, and tips.

The same goes for your consultant facebook group. Marketing is not just about making a sale of a product to a customer, but it’s also how you motivate your team to get excited about growing their business. Your team is already hanging out on social media and your consultant group is the perfect place for you to market to your team about whatever the next big things is, whether it is an upcoming product launch, and event, or your weekly meeting. This is where your recognition gets posted, links to RSVP to an event, motivational messages, and anything else you want your team to see and engage with. Most consultants aren’t hanging out in their email inbox, but they are spending hours at a time on Facebook. And the best part? If you’re feeling the overwhelm on this adding about 10 more tasks to your to-do list, I’ve got you covered! Click here to learn about automating your Facebook group!

Now your first thought might be “I AM posting… but I’m just not getting the engagement I need. Well girl, I’ve got you covered. Click here to learn about the Facebook algorithm and what you need to do to make sure that your team gets every message you send their way!

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