3 Secrets to Managing Your Unit Facebook Group | Part 1 | CONSISTENCY


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Remember our friends Suzy and Jane? (If you haven’t or need a refresher, check out last week’s post here.) Today, in Part I of our series, we are going to dive deeper into what it looks like to be a Jane when it comes to managing our Unit Facebook groups. How do we effectively manage our group so our team is motivated, engaged, and connected?

Raise of hands if you’ve ever experienced any of these scenarios:

  1. You posted something you were so excited to share with your team, eagerly awaiting the likes and comments, only to be left with crickets (Yeah, me, too.) 

  2. You post a couple of images at the beginning of the month drawing your team’s attention to the month’s prizes and events, but you get caught up in your own business (and life!) and kind of forget to check in with your team to see how they are progressing, that is, until the end of the month rolls around and you pop back in asking for everyone to order

  3. You spend hours scrolling through Pinterest and Google Images trying to find just the right picture to post to inspire your team and before you know it, the entire day has gone by and you never ended up finding that perfect pic

We know we need to be consistent like our friend Jane and we have owned that inconsistency, but we’re still struggling with getting our team motivated and connected.

Sister, you are not alone in your frustration!

I, too, have experienced these struggles, I’m here to tell you that with a few steps, we can be on our way to managing our Unit Facebook group well and keeping our team engaged, too!
Consistency comes first and foremost, as we learned last week, and it’s the stepping stone to the next tips to come in Part II and Part III of this series.

So, why Facebook specifically?

Research shows that it takes 8 touches in order to get a result or sale. Connecting consistently on Facebook is especially important because most people are hanging out on Facebook--it’s the modern day water cooler. This makes it a smart place to bring important information about team challenges, company information, and recognition if you want it to be seen and seen often.


Consistency in Quality

Are you a member of a group, or multiple groups, where you constantly get notifications of new posts, but you just swipe and dismiss the notification? One reason we do this is that we don’t find value in those posts.

Our time is limited, and we would rather be reading valuable content (a friend’s newborn baby or a cute puppy video?...or maybe that’s just me!) that adds to our day, rather than something that doesn’t directly impact us. Consistency in the quality of your content tells your team, “Not only can you expect to see me here, but what I’m giving you through this platform is VALUABLE, and you should always be paying attention.”

Consistently nurturing and providing value to your team is crucial in order for your team to both be willing to listen and to continue to show up.

Consistency in Posting

Consistently posting and sharing regularly sets the expectations for your team that this is a place where they can expect to see you. They know you’re going to show up here and can keep an eye out. Another great benefit to sharing regularly is that because your team knows you will consistently show up and provide them with valuable content, you are taking back some of your time when you don’t have multiple team members coming to you asking the same questions. They will know that they will be provided with and can find the information they need in the group.


Consistency in Branding

Consistency in the branding of your content helps you gain credibility. YOU know you are a professional woman, you know where you are headed, and YOU know who you are, but your team needs to be subtly shown that with each post. When your posts look like water-marked clip-art and DIY, they think of you in that same context… but you are MUCH bigger than that. This is the Mary Kay image of the digital age: just as we say “would Mary Kay know that you are the Sales Director if she walked into your meeting,” I would challenge you to run every post through the filter of “Would a stranger know that I am a successful, high end, professional business woman if they showed up in my group?” By having consistent branding, you are also, once again, taking back your time. Rather than spending hours scrolling through Pinterest or Google to find one image, you already have a brand that is working for you.


The layering process doesn’t end when an agreement is signed.

Last, but not at all least, when you show up consistently within your group, you are not just beginning but also following through on the layering process. You’re probably used to using layering as a tool during the recruiting process, but it is equally as important once the agreement is signed. You helped your team members step through the doorway, and now your job is to help her want to stay, and your Unit Facebook group is the perfect community to help you do that.

What are some ways that you stay consistent that may help our readers? Post a comment below!

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