How To Never Stand In Line at the Post Office Again


When you work from home, it's hard enough to muster up the wherewithal to put a bra on and go outside when it's cold, let alone if on the other side of the excursion is a 25 minute pause standing in line at the post office. So when I realized the other day that I hadn't been to the post office in weeks, but was shipping more than ever I knew I found something magical- and I had to share. Basically, there are 3 ways to ditch the trip to the post office:

1. Print your postage at home and stop paying full price!

If you have not gotten in on discounted postage through yet, run, don't walk to get yourself an account! Basically, you get up to 18% off First Class Package Service, 13% off Priority Mail Express, and 39% off Priority Mail  and they give you this online platform where you can login on your computer, tablet, or phone and you just type in the address where you are shipping your package (yes you can ship international!), select the service you want (priority, first class, etc), and then print your postage right on your home printer. You can print on regular paper and then packing tape it to you package, or you can print on half sheet sticker paper- I highly recommend these from Amazon! 

What really sealed the deal for me was the postage stamp paper- partially because it was just super cool looking. You can literally bring a book of stamps on a single paper, right at home, and the stamps are ALL discounted from the regular price. In fact, has a $100 bonus offer for new customers where they give you $5 in instant free postage to use in 4-week trial, $40 in postage coupons, a free 5 lb. digital scale and free postage labels! It's a sweet deal! I used that offer when I started using, and would recommend it to anyone, even if you only use the free $5 instant offer to print some postage stamps! Click here to get in on that offer!

2. Never leave your house again. A letter carrier comes to your house every day anyway and you can SCHEDULE for them to pick up a package from you whether you're home or not!

Yes. I'm serious. You can literally schedule your mail carrier to pick up packages from right from your computer and you don't even have to be home when they pick it up! Mic drop.

Just visit and answer a few questions about who you are, let them know where to look for your package, what time to pickup your package, and on what day to pick up- you can literally schedule months in advance! Then, just let them know how many packages they are picking up and how big they are  (for good reason, they don't accept packages over 130") and that's it! Hit schedule and you're golden!

3. Stop paying for boxes and shipping supplies when the USPS will send them to you in the mail for free!

If getting discounts on postage and shipping packages from the comfort of your couch wasn't enough, you can now order boxes and shipping supplies for free from the post office. Just click here to visit the USPS website where you can choose which supplies you would like sent your way- choose from 20 different priority mail boxes, insured mail receipts, priority mail stickers, tracking labels, and more!

Do you feel enlightened yet? Now go! Be free! Save yourself a TON of money of shipping and never put pants again again just for the sake of the post office!