No One is You and That is Your Superpower


Selling your product is what you do, but although it may feel like your world, it is not who you are. You’re much more than just a salesperson, and it is the person behind the sales that allows your business to grow, develop, and flourish. Harnessing your amazing personality and using it to grow your business is call personal branding.

Think about it. There are tons of direct sellers within a brand, and tons of brands on the market. If your customers are seeing someone else selling the same product—and they are—how do you attract them to buy that product from you? How do you make your business stand out when there are so many options out there for consumers?

Well, there’s one thing that you have that other direct sellers and brands don’t: you.

You are what makes your business unique, and by showing more of who you are, you’re giving a face to your business, creating a connection, building trust, and earning customer loyalty. Your customer is no longer your company’s customer, but your personal client. They see you, not your company logo when they think about placing an order. When they need a product, they’ll come to you specifically because you’ve established that relationship and they can relate to the personal brand you’ve created. 

Take an example from hair salons. Maybe there are three in your neighborhood that all sell Redken shampoo, but they each have their own logo, style, and vibe. You’ll choose the salon that suits your style the best, the one who has earned your trust with a skilled hair stylist who truly listens, and the one that provides the best experience. You don’t choose your salon solely because they sell a shampoo you like. You choose it for the experience, and that is what you’re trying to accomplish by building your personal brand.

A well developed personal brand brings a sense of confidence in all that you do. It gives back precious time so you can focus on IPA’s, and it allows you regain clarity in your why. Your brand might evolve over time—in fact, it should evolve over time—but in order for real growth to place, you need a place to start. Your brand also gives your team a sense of professionalism as they discover their own future (and their own future brand).

Ready to develop your personal brand? Stay tuned! We’re sharing ways you can implement your personal brand as a direct seller in our next post! 

How do you communicate your personal brand, and how has it impacted your sales? Share away in the comments below!

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