Leveraging Your Personal Brand As A Direct Seller

The first step in leveraging your personal brand to grow your business is figuring out what it is exactly. Before you can start putting yourself out there, you need to have a clear vision of your brand. To get a better idea of your vision, try defining it in writing. (Hard, right?) Here are some questions you might want to use as prompts:

  • What is important or special about you? Your business? What sets you apart?

  • What kind of voice sets the right tone for the way you want to communicate your brand?

  • What kind of adjectives would you like customers to use to describe your brand upon first impression? Energetic? Romantic? Soft? Bold?

  • What kind of look gets your message across visually? Is it bold or soft, classic or trendy?

To give you an example of just how much of a difference your visual branding makes, check out these two websites. The one on the left is my current website. It’s bold, energetic, and perfectly aligned with my business. My goal with this website was to give a sense of joy and lightheartedness. The one on the right is my former website. It’s soft and feminine, and I loved it when I created it, but it didn’t feel representative of the joyful, happy feeling I wanted my clients to feel when they visited it.

marigoldstockPastelcolorsSpringFS-293 copy.jpg

As a home based business, where you will often communicate with your team and your prospects online, your website is one of the most important visual representations of your brand. Working with a designer helps a ton (and I’m guessing if you’re reading, you know I’d love to help you create the website of your dreams). When you find a designer you love, stick with them. Working with a designer is like a fine wine—it only gets better as it ages. The longer you work together, the better your designer understands you and your business, the faster they can turn around work for you, and the more they are able to become a trusted resource even more than a hired professional… and as your business grows, it sure helps to have as many close, trusted resources available as you can find!

Now that you have this amazing website, you need some printed materials you love to go along with it. Take the exact same logo, colors, and fonts that you use on your website, and use them across all of your business documents, like sales sheets, invitations, and business cards. You can delegate this step to a graphic designer for even better results or to save yourself time.

Next, work your magic on social media. Use all of your visual signatures, as well as the same verbiage. If you’re going for a bubbly and energetic tone, keep your posts conversational and use plenty of fun hashtags like #allthecoffee, for instance. Create a short tagline that summarizes who you are and what you do, and include it on each of your accounts below your profile photo. Don’t forget to add a link to your website (or your latest blog post) in that tagline! Post consistently to build your following, but make sure you balance promoting products with relevant news and a little personality. Behind-the-scenes updates, helpful tips or articles, live videos, and pretty graphics with quotations are perfect to start conversations and grow engagement.

If you walk away from this blog post with just one takeaway, let it be this: consistency. Think of branding as a journey, like a healthy lifestyle rather than a diet. A branding makeover is always a great move, but you won’t reep the benefits until you maintain consistency over time. If follow through isn’t your thing, you can lean on your designer to help keep you consistent across the board. Let their years of training and practice benefit you—with the added bonus of freeing yourself up to grow your business in other ways.

What are some of the challenges you’re facing with implementing your personal brand? Let’s hear in the comments!

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