3 Ways to Increase Sales in the Fall (and Support That PSL Habit!)

Fall is definitely here! Here in New Hampshire the leaves are gorgeous shades of red and yellow, uggs and northface jackets are starting to pop up and pumpkin spice latte’s are running rampant. And that new maple pecan latte? The one with the cold foam from starbucks? I’m obsessed!

But with fancy fall drinks upon us and sweet holiday drinks on their way, it’s about time to start amping up the sales to even out the income vs. spending, so I’m sharing 3 of my favorite EASY ways to amp up the income in the fall (so you can splurge on that PSL without any guilt!)

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Get your customers excited about a fall Mascarathon!

A mascarathon is a great way to use a highly popular product to create a lot of sales at one time. Depending on your customer relationships and size of your customer base you can choose to have your mascarathon be self-led or customer-led, but either way this is a great way to make sales quick!

Option 1: Consultant-Led mascarathon

  • Consultant led means that you are collecting the orders! Share your mascarathon flyer with your customers by texting it to them, sharing it in your PRIVATE (NOT public) customer facebook group, or printing it and bringing it to parties, and write down orders on the order form! With 15 lines per order form, if you sell just one mascara and one Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover per line you’ll sell $450!

Option 2: Customer-Led mascarathon

  • Alternatively, you can allow your customers to earn a free product by doing the selling for you! Give your customer a flyer and an order form (or two!) and challenge them to a sales goal in order to receive a prize. For example: Fill all 15 lines and earn a mascara and makeup remover free; sell 25 products total and earn a mascara of your choice; sell $100 for a free mascara, etc! If you had just 4 customers fill their order form completely with one mascara and EFEMR per line you would sell $1,800!

Need a classy, on-trend, mascarathon flyer and selling sheet? Try this mascarathon flyer!

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Use a simple survey to make warm chatting natural and easy!

When warm chatting I often feel like I need an excuse to talk to strangers, and a survey is my favorite way to make it a little easier! People love to feel needed and important and that makes a large number of people more than happy to help by completing your survey. And the best part? The SURVEY asks if you can follow up so you don’t have to!

Supplies needed:

  • Travel size spritzer of water (something like this from Amazon!)

  • Disposable cloths cut in quarters (the ones from section 2!)

  • Normal-to-Dry cleaner & moisturizer

  • Thank you gifts- I like to use mini satin hands hand creams from section 2 because they are so cheap but don’t look cheap

  • Printed surveys- I like to print 2 per page and cut the page in half!

  • Pen

How to use your survey to make warm chatting super crazy simple:

  • Spot a sharp women with a minute to spare! I like to use skincare surveys at coffee shops, because you need a minute and the tables are a nice touch!

  • Let her know that today you need to get 10 surveys completed and ask if she would be willing to try a skincare sample on the back of her hand and fill out a survey about how the sample feels. Usually the answer is yes!

  • Help her spritz her hand with water, then allow her to wash and moisturize her hand using the Normal-To-Dry cleanser and moisturizer. This is where having the disposable cloths are handy!

  • Ask her to complete the survey - if you need a great survey to use, try this one! This is what I use and it works great!

  • When she hands the survey back with ALL boxes complete (including contact info) give her a thank you gift and your business card (better yet, TEXT HER your digital business card! That breaks the ice so that when you text later to book an appointment it’s not unexpected because you’ve texted before!)

  • Now, you have a brand new lead to book…. JUST in time for the holidays!

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And the most versatile of them all: Get Your Pink Friday Sales On!

When it comes to selling on Pink Friday there’s not many rules, and anything goes. But to make the MOST out of your time, you’ll want to be strategic about what, when, and where you do your selling. Here are the three keys to making the most out of your Pink Friday Selling:

  • Make sure your method of selling provides a personal connection - Facebook sales are great, but can be impersonal and can appear all about the sale and less about the connection. If you choose to sell online, rather than in person, make sure your graphics are high quality and that you post plenty of pictures and videos of YOU talking and demonstrating products. People can buy from any old makeup store without ever needing a consultant, but they’re choosing YOU for a reason!

  • Find ways to make multiple sales at one time. Getting back to the kitchen table is SO important and it is the lifeblood of this business, but Pink Friday just isn’t the day for parties and one-on-one pampering session. People are wired to shop on Pink Friday- they fully expect to spend money and are ready to do so… and you have just 24 hours to benefit from this! Find ways to sell to more than one customer at a time: Holiday Open Houses and Facebook Live parties are two great ways to sell to more than one customer at a time and make the most out of this sales opportunity! If you’re choosing to go the open house route, you can even implement a holiday closing sheet to help share some fo your favorite products! Don’t forget to send your invitations nice and early! I like to send two- one in the mail a month before, and another via text a week before. Here’s my favorite flyer to send via text, and my favorite postcard to pop in the mail.

  • Don’t lose all of your profit trying to force people into buying. Reality check: people value your product at the lowest price you’ve ever sold it for. So if you sell a $115 Skincare Set for just $65, that customer will never fully value that set at $115 ever again. In fact, you may even find that when they need to replenish theirs, they say “Oh, I’ll just wait for your next sale” which means you will NEVER make the 50% profit that you’ve earned just by being a Beauty Consultant. Keep your eye on your profit. If you discount a product 25%, that doesn’t mean you keep 75%. It means you spend 50% buying the product and now only keep $25%. But do you feel like a customer won’t feel excited by 10% off? Don’t tell them the percent! Spend the time to price a handful of your best selling products at a rate that you’d like to sell them for, and advertise the SALE PRICE not the discount value. For example: Your mascara today is $13 (retails for $15!). You’re only giving a 13% discount, but the price still looks great! If you’re not sure what kind of discount to use at parties during the holiday, try using this simple closing sheet! It offers a percent discount that really peaks your customers interest… but it is on a limited number of products, and a minimum order value so you still get paid for your time and effort!

Now that you have 3 great ways to increase your selling during the holidays, go grab yourself a PSL and get going! You have an empire to build, babe!

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