How you can get the biggest ROI for your leads


Leads are the lifeblood of your business - without them you can’t book and you definitely can’t sell. But if it’s costing you an arm and a leg to get your leads, then your return on investment won’t be worth it… so what’s the best way to get new leads and have the biggest ROI? Facial Boxes!

Whether you are promoting a beauty experience or special event facial boxes allow you to meet future customers that you have no connection to. They’re not friends of your current customers. They aren’t your moms coworkers. They are not your sister’s husband’s cousin. They are a totally new market that you may not have reached otherwise, and when used strategically they have the biggest return on investment.

Let’s talk about how to use your lead boxes strategically:

  • How to determine what town you put your lead boxes in

  • How to make lead boxes that convert passersby into warm leads

  • What businesses are best for lead boxes


How to determine what town you put your lead boxes in

Where you place your lead boxes is super important, and I’m not just talking about which businesses they land in - on a more global level let’s talk about what your ideal client looks like, then figure out where they live. Here is my personal list of what my ideal client looks like:

  • Financially sound - aka, they have money to spend!

  • Has an appreciation of high end products - they’re probably not buying their mascara at CVS because they know you get what you pay for

  • Is in a circle of friends who also have money to spend, and understand that great products don’t cost 99 cents

One way to start narrowing down this particular unicorn client is to look at the income brackets for the neighborhoods next door… which is way easier than you might think. In fact, it’s as easy as google “average income per capita in __________.” As an example, I live in Manchester New Hampshire. When I think “towns with money to spend” I immediately think of a few surrounding towns, so to determine which one might lead me to the highest profit I can google something like “average income per capita in Bedford, New Hampshire” which results in google telling me “The Median household income of a Bedford resident is $123,423 a year.” BINGO. I’m heading to Bedford.

Now, I should be clear: high average income doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the women you meet from this area will be you highest paying clients. But, knowing who your ideal client is and determining where to find them is a great way to figure out what town you want to place your facial boxes in. Another example of an ideal client might be teachers or parents of students- I’d recommend researching towns nearby with the best school districts! See the pattern?

Let’s move on!

haute-stock-photography-fresh-start-collection-final-16 (1).jpg

How to make lead boxes that convert passersby into warm leads

Wherever you end up placing your lead boxes, you’ve got to make sure they convert. People who walk by first need to actually NOTICE your lead box, and then they need to feel compelled to TAKE ACTION by filling out a slip. And, to take it a step further, WHO fills out your slips is determined by the level of professionalism shown by your lead box so let’s make sure even the sharpest of women feels excited by your display!

First, make sure your design is crisp, clean, and looks professional. This is the very first introduction that you’re customer will receive to your business, and your brand (yep, you have a brand!) and what they see here is their first impression. Make sure that your sign is on a sturdy paper that will withstand a few days out in the wild (aka, people touching it or moving it to read more) - I love card-stock and a laminating machine if you are printing your own or order some that are printed and ready to go, like the ones you can find in our Holiday Bundle. If you’re looking for a facial box sign that makes you look like a million bucks, here are two ideas:

Finally, review your box choices- did your box come with a hold for slips already, or did you have to add one? If you had to cut your own are the edges jagged and fraying or is it a clean cut? Sounds like not-a-big-deal? Here’s a little perspective: if someone sees a super clean, neat, professional display at a store they’re attracted to the product. But, when a display is a mess, looks cheap, or is falling apart a custom skips those products and moves on. Your facial box is your product display: you are selling a high end product and your facial box should represent that! I’ve put together a list on amazon of some great Facial Box supplies (click here for the whole list!) but here are my favorite box options, all available from Amazon with amazon prime 2 day shipping!

Pack of 10 Cardboard Ballot Boxes - great to split with a friend!

Pack of 10 Cardboard Ballot Boxes - great to split with a friend!

These pink gable boxes are SO cute - just cut a simple slot for your entries!

These pink gable boxes are SO cute - just cut a simple slot for your entries!

And last but not least… let’s brainstorm:


What business are best for getting leads in your facial boxes

Now that you’ve determined what town your target market exists in and you’ve made your super cute, on trend, professional-looking facial boxes it’s time to get more specific and choose the businesses where you’d like to find your clients. Again, let’s talk about your ideal client. Here are a two different clients you might want to target, just as two examples:

  • Client 1: Values beauty and enjoys pampering herself

  • Client 2: Is a teacher who may enjoy bringing in some extra income during the summer or on the weekends

Client 1 might be found in places like nail salons or hair salons. You’ve narrowed it down, but let’s get more specific: where in the nail salon should your facial box go? Why not try the checkout counter- everyone ends up there eventually! Or, if your salon has a nail BAR, then the bar might be just the right spot. Or, place it on the nail drying station where anyone who doesn’t get gel polish gets banished to for at least 10 minutes a stay. If there is a waiting area, perhaps the coffee or end table is a great location.

Client 1 might be found in schools, bookstores, or libraries. Checkout counters, break rooms, or near vending machines might be great locations because these are high traffic areas - lots of people stop by which increases your chances of capturing a new lead!

These are just two examples of how to find prime locations, and you can customize this method completely: start by making a list of specifically WHO your ideal client is, then make a new list of places you might run into this person, then a third list of locations in that place that they will hang out or visit the most. By being intentional, you can increase your chances of getting the leads you want and increasing the return on investment for your time and effort!

And, if you need any other supplies for your Facial box - just click here for all of my favorites from Amazon!

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