Slay the Day in May


It's May. It's the last FULL month of the Seminar Year. I mean, those last 15 days in June... they FLY. BY. All of a sudden June 1 is here, you have big goals that suddenly become oh-so-real, and a team looking at you for guidance and support. You're buckling down and digging deep to finish the year strong- you SO don't have time to be thinking about all of those new years resolutions you made to get organized so that these last 15 days would be a breeze. But if you have not followed through on those resolutions yet, they're the only thing you're going to be thinking about, and real talk: ain't nobody got time for that.

Here's 4 things you can do NOW to make you're life, and your teams lives, easier LATER.

1. Get your resources organized. Our favorite way to do this is on a Unit Website. It's a tax write off and someone else takes on the work of making you look like an organizational rockstar- aka it's a win win. Your Unit Website is a central location where consultants close to home and far away can come together to access the training materials they need to crush the end of the month and free up YOU to get back to what you do best: book, sell, coach, and team build. Your website is your personal secretary- it stores your training materials, videos, documents, and anything else a consultant might need in an easy to navigate space just for them. You're videos are embedded (aka: no weird videos by random people auto playing after your training video), your training materials are available on a desktop or a mobile device, you can offer bookings for training or parties, and you can even set up an instant chat feature so if someone DOES have a question about where to find something they have a direct line to you. 
Don't give consultants an easy out to give up just because they couldn't find that one training material they wanted you to send them. Make it foolproof. Better yet, let someone else make it foolproof.

2. Get your recognition ready- big goals, come with big achievements, which come with an opportunity to praise your team to success. Whether you are a social media guru and love posting individually for each consultant in your Unit Facebook Group, or if you are a busy bee and prefer a newsletter that someone else takes care of behind the scenes, make sure you have your recognition in order. 
There's no better time to build up your consultants morale and confidence to start the NEXT seminar year strong. It's like protein before a run: you perform better when you have the positive nutrients to support all of your hard work.
3. Don't let your systems slip, just because it's a chaotic time of the year. You are busy. You are running around. I mean, it's chicken-with-it's-head-cut-off status this time of the year. But don't let you systems fall by the wayside just because it's busy: your systems are here to support you and sustain you in THIS exact moment. Use them as tools, don't view them as extra work. Whether it's sorting your expense receipts, tracking milage, or doing your monthly balance sheets and P/L- schedule the time into your month, and don't let yourself fall into the trap of "Year end is just 15 days away, I can do it all then."

4. Enlist the help of those around you, and use each others strengths to support each other. If you have a consultant on your team working towards leadership who is GREAT at interviews, she may be great person to enlist to help coach consultants working on building their teams. If you have a consultant who slays at selling she is a great person to team up for group classes and events likea unit wise Mommy and Me mother's day party, eyes cream socials, or at a trash it party. If you have a consultant who rocks at public speaking, and has a personality that commands a room this a great person to allow a leadership roll in your weekly meetings. 
All of these consultants are then able to practice their leadership skills, get on the job leadership training, and get feedback from you and their peers to help them gain the confidence and skills they need to advance their own career.
 At the same time, you are supported able to re-align where your energy is spent! The overwhelm factor is reduced for all involved, more training opportunities are being taken advantage of, and your leaders are practicing being leaders!

Now go, #BossBabe, and SLAY THE DAY IN MAY! You've got this, and if you need a reminder send us a message: we're great cheerleaders and we truly, from the bottom of our hearts believe in YOU!