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You’ve probably noticed that leaders in Direct Sales often have a Facebook group for their team in addition to maintaining a unit website, and you’ve learned the difference between timelines vs. groups vs. pages in my previous blog post. These two tools together are quite the dynamic duo, and both are equally important in creating your online hub, providing both an organic platform for communication and an organized system for sharing training!


Let’s talk about which to use and why!

Why Use a Facebook Group

Generation X (age 35-49) spends more time on social media than any other generation, followed closely by Millennials (age 22-37). (Click here to see the report- not what you expected, right?) These two age ranges make up most of the consultants in the average unit, making social media a VERY powerful tool. It’s where most people are hanging out, and it’s where they gather information, from news to politics to social.

As we talked about in my last post, groups are your private alternative to a timeline, a place for a very personal connection with your customers—and they serve the same purpose for your unit. They allow fast efficient communication on a platform your consultants already know, love, and are probably a little bit addicted to. Consultants are more self-sufficient because they can answer each others’ questions, and they are empowered to use each other as resources.

Facebook groups also engage consultants that may not normally be engaged. For example, when you post a graphic congratulating a consultant on an achievement, it catches their eye and makes them feel good— and because they’re already hanging out on social media anyway, they didn’t have to do any extra work for that dopamine rush! Your posts are becoming part of their every-day life.


Facebook groups are a means to promote engagement and activity. Websites are great way to share tools and resources and build sustainable, long term systems.

It also allows for quick sharing of information. Have a last minute message you need to get out to everyone? Post it in your facebook group! Not only will it show up automatically for everyone in the group, but if you tag the people who need the message most, they also get a notification!

Why Use a Unit Website

Your website is your steadfast, organized online platform for your systems, from streamlining new consultant on boarding to sharing training videos and organizing documents to download. Facebook groups are great for sharing info quickly, but don’t forget: your post gets pushed down with every new post. When you store information on a website, it doesn’t move, creating a reliable, organized system with every addition! So when 6 consultants text you in a day all looking for the same document, you won’t need to tell them to search Facebook (or worse, spend your time searching Facebook yourself). You can just give them a direct link, right to the specific page it’s on within your website (for example, AnchorDesignCoDemo.com/training).


When 6 consultants text you, all looking for the same document, you don’t need to tell them to search Facebook (or worse, spend your time searching Facebook yourself). Just give them a direct link, right to the specific page it’s on within your website.

Not only is your website great for consultants, but it can streamline your recruiting and booking process too. Want to share a survey with your prospect? They can have their own website page for that (like this one) where they can learn, respond, and even book a time to sit down with you and learn more! And, as an added bonus, when you send a prospect to a unit website to fill out a form, 1) you look SUPER professional, 2) they are being introduced to the high level of support that you provide for your team. Seeing is believing, and being able to see that you’ve put the time and effort into creating such an awesome online hub (even if you actually delegate the task!) shows how you will be there for them every step of the way.

Have a to-do list for new consultants? The paper you hand them might sit in their car for two weeks, and the email you send might get deleted, but a link never gets lost or thrown away. It’s there—all the time (like this sample website)!

Need to collect money for an event? Done. Need guests to RSVP to the event? Done! Want to have consultants book training with you? Done and done! If you can imagine it, it can probably be brought to life on your website, and instead of paying $25 here and $50 there for lot’s of different platforms, you can streamline it all in one place. The possibilities with a website are endless, and that’s why it’s such a powerful tool.


The possibilities with a website are endless, and that’s why it’s such a powerful tool.

So, together your website and Facebook group are the perfect combination for creating your online hub. You’ve got the quickness and communication of a Facebook group combined with the organization and stability of your website.

Do you use a Facebook group or website or both? I want to hear from you in the comments below!

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