My 10 Favorite Ways to Use a Unit Website

Your Unit Website is an investment, and as such is needs to serve a really specific purpose that directly impacts your business, right? Well, what about ten purposes?


Here are my ten favorite ways to use a Unit Website to support your team and business:

  1. Onboard New Consultants

    • Your website comes with a 3 step New Consultant on-boarding system which sorts on boarding steps into 3 timeframes: steps to complete during a new consultants first 5 days after signing her agreement, steps to complete during a new consultants first 6-15 days after signing her agreement, and steps to complete during a new consultants first 16-30 days after signing her agreement. You can email, text, or FB message these steps to new consultants easily as consultants join your team so they can complete their New Consultant Training!

    • You also have the freedom to completely remove or hide the system that comes with your site and build your own! All unit websites include access to the back end so you can build it yourself, or you can work with me so that I can design it for you for a 100% personalized system.

    • Do you use Mailerlite? If not, I highly suggest it! Mailerlite is a n email system that is FREE for up to 1,000 contacts and it is a GREAT way for you to set up a campaign that emails consultants their new consultant steps automatically. It’s like having an assistant, but much less expensive!

  2. Recognize your team for their accomplishments and efforts

    • Recognition is POWERFUL. It brings fulfillment by reinforcing the importance even small efforts. When you show your respect to one’s achievement, you boost her self-esteem, which is the second highest need of a person according to Maslow’s hierarchy. #ScienceBomb

  3. Share more than just downloadable documents - your website is your opportunity to share detailed, in depth training so your team not only has the TOOLS but also has the SKILLS

    • Skills are useless without tools, and tools are useless without skills. Your unit website is the opportunity to provide your team with the tools they need and the training to support the skills necessary to use them!

  4. Share easy-to-understand, relatable information about the opportunity to help women make the decision to join your team

    • When you need to share information about the opportunity, simply send the link to your Opportunity Landing page, included on your website. This is a sales page designed to give your team the information they need to make the decision to join your team.

    • By sending a prospective consultant to your website you are not just making sharing the opportunity easier on yourself, but you are also giving them a very important inside look at how you will support them once they become a member of your team.

  5. Book appointments

    • Say hello to super easy booking tools! Use the free booking system that comes with your website, or embed your Acuity scheduling site (#1 reason I prefer Acuity to Calendly? It sends TEXT reminders about parties/appointments to the person who booked it. GENIUS, right? Click here to check it out!) so consultants can book coaching calls/meetings, customers can book parties and experiences, and prospective consultants can book career chats with you.

  6. Keep consultants informed about vital company updates, contests, and information

    • Intouch is a crazy awesome tool… but it’s also a LOT all at once, especially to a new consultant. Use the Company Updates page to get a VISUAL version of all of the most important info sent out by the company.

  7. Allow guests and consultants to RSVP to parties and events

    • Use the free Events system that comes with your website, or embed your Acuity calendar to collect RSVPs for your group event! This is awesome for allowing party guests to RSVP so you . can pre-profile!

  8. Establish your professional brand and visual identity with customers and your team

    • You are what makes your business unique, and by showing more of who you are in a visually consistent way, you’re giving a face to your business, creating a personal human connection, building trust, and earning customer loyalty. Your customer is no longer your company’s customer, but your personal client. They see you, not your company logo when they think about placing an order. When they need a product, they’ll come to you specifically because you’ve established that relationship and they feel a personal connection to you.

    • To take it a step further, you reinforce a reputation of professionalism. Your visual identity backs up your actions or it degrades your actions. By having an on-brand, on-trend website you choose to have it back you up.

  9. Provide a centralized location for all things related to your unit and business

    • Rather than sending people to one link to book, another link to get company updates, another place for new consultants systems, etc you have ONE clear and define location that your consultants know they can rely on.

  10. Get yo blog on!

    • Ok this is where is just gets FUN: if you want to start a blog, you now have the perfect platform! Blogs can be a great way to communicate with your team- whether you are reflecting on a lesson learned, sharing the fun had at a recent event, or sharing your best tips for building your business a blog is a great place to share what is in your head with your team.

Your Unit Website truly is a powerhouse and you can choose to use it as much or as little as you like! Now that . you have 10 ideas for how to implement your website, what is your next step? Let’s talk!