3 Myths About Warm Chatting That Are Holding You Back


Warm chatting: did you just get chills?

If so you, you’re not alone. I don’t think I’ve ever met a consultant (or Director!) who LOVED warm chatting. In fact, most either feel super uncomfortable about it or they like the idea but their nerves take over so they never end up actually doing it.

So what’s the deal? Here’s what some women just like you said holds them back from warm chatting more often:

  • People don’t want to have random conversations when they’re out- I don’t want to bother people

  • There’s no point if I don’t have business cards on me because she has no way to contact me and I can’t just ask for her number to call her

  • I’m not good at booking on the spot, so this really wouldn’t work for me

Anything above sound relatable? Let’s talk about it!


“People don’t want to have random conversations when they’re out- I don’t want to bother people”

The truth is, people don’t want to be SOLD when they’re out. They don’t want to feel bombarded, or caught by surprise. It isn’t conversations that are a problem- it’s the type of conversation- and many consultants approach warm chatting from a business mindset, therefor they start the conversation with “Hi, I’m Suzie, and I’m a beauty consultant.”

That’s just not a natural conversation though, and therefor it catches people off-guard- instantly, walls go up. Instead of leading the conversation from a business perspective just be friendly! Here are three ways to start a conversation without making it super formal:

  • Compliment her on something you genuinely like and can relate to, ending with an open ended question such as “I love your glasses! I’ve always wanted a pair like that- where did you find them?” A question like this required a response- voila! You're now in conversation!

  • Laugh a bout something together that you can both relate to! Can’t reach the top shelf in the grocery store? Make a casual comment about how funny it is, that everything you need seems to always be up high! She’s most likely going to laugh with you and make a comment about how she can relate!

At the end of the conversation, just casually say “Hey, you seem pretty cool and I have this survey I’m doing. Would you mind if I text you the questions? I need to find 50 people and I’d love for you to be one!”

She’s likely to say yes because it is human nature to want to help, if we trust someone, and once she does you can get her number and text her your digital business card or survey form to fill out online. You’ll now have her number to follow up and responses to a business related survey!


“There’s no point if I don’t have business cards on me because she has no way to contact me and I can’t just ask for her number to call her”

It’s true. It sucks to forget your business cards. It sucks even more when you chose not to bring them because you figured you wouldn’t need them, so when you do you feel obligated to pretend to dig around in your purse just so you can say you forgot them rather than admit you didn’t bother.

Oh girl, yep. We’ve all done the awkward purse dig while silently cursing ourselves.

So here’s the deal: GO. DIGITAL.

Stop printing business cards that go through the wash, are never remembered, and that your potential client tosses in the trash when they’re emptying out their purse at Starbucks.

When you have a digital business card you always have it on you because it’s just a link AND it’s a natural excuse to ask for someone’s number at the end of a conversation. Take the example from above:

You asked her if she could fill out a survey, she said yes! WOOHOO! Now you say:

“Thank you SO much! Ok, I’m going to text you the link - what’s your number?” - as you say it, pull out your phone and start opening up contacts. Once you have her number text it to her right then and there and say, “ok, let me know if you got it!” - this ensures that 1. she gave you her real number and 2. gives you a chance to show her where to find the survey!


“I’m not good at booking on the spot, so this really wouldn’t work for me”

Good news friend: this is NOT about booking. In fact, I’d caution you against attempting to book someone DURING warm chatting. Here’s why:

Research shows it takes 6 to 8 touches to make someone go from a cold lead to ready to say yes so when you try to book or sell during warm chatting you are literally setting yourself up to hear no.

Instead of trying to get her to buy or book, your goal is to bring her into your inner circle so that you have an opportunity to interact with her or be in her line of site. This warms her up and builds a trusting relationship, so that when you ask her to book or buy she is ready to say YES!

One way to get her into your inner circle is through your digital business card. Each digital business card includes a button where people can join your personal, private customer Facebook Group- which is course is the one place you are able to market and sell to customers, according to the company social media guidelines.

Through your connection on Facebook you can begin building your 6-8 touches; She sees a photo you post and likes it, you comment on something posts, she watches a funny video you share, etc!

Ready to take on the world and give warm chatting another go? Comment below- I want to cheer you on! And to help you get started, here are a few resources I think you’ll love: