Do you ever feel like...

You know that a new consultant doesn't need ALL of the things immediately... but you're not sure how to pick and choose the right info to pass on in her first 30 days?

If you just knew the steps that all of the top directors and nationals are following to successfully onboard their new consultants you could totally follow the steps... but no one has shared the secret yet?

You hear the buzzwords "full circle" but it honestly just feel like a lot. If you had the right support system you could do it... but where to start?

New Consultant Packet 8.jpg

I hear you, girlfriend!

And I’m here to tell you that what you are feeling is completely normal, and you are not alone.

That's why we're launching our all new, totally customizable Full Circle Suite on April 15th. This is your invitation to get in on the secret sauce everyone is using to help their hostess become their next offspring director!

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