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Happy Mail Service

Postcards For Your Team & Customers

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Do you love the power of happy mail but

Are busy trying to be ALL of the things and just don't have time to print, stamp, write out, and send postcards every month?

Already have a full plate and just don't need one more thing to try and remember?

Know that sending postcards isn't a task you absolutely need to be involved in and would rather delegate it so you can get back into your genius zone?

I hear you girlfriend- and you're in the right place!

And that's exactly why I created Happy Mail Post Card Service! Let me take the reigns on the behind the scenes work so you can get back to what you're called to do!

For a moment, imagine:

· Last month two former consultants expressed their frustration that they didn’t realize they were in their last month before termination- but not this month! This month every received a postcard educating them about their current status and sharing what options they have. Orders were placed and everyone feels supported.

· You have a full week- parties, after school activities for the kids, a weekly meeting, a company event… but status reminders and birthday cards for your team and customers is already taken care of - and you didn’t have to life a finger!

No matter what your life is like today, you’re prepared.

You know that your team is educated about their current career status, your consultants feel loved as you recognize them on their birthdays and anniversaries, and you customers are excited to order during their birthday month - they LOVE the personalized service they receive from their beauty consultant!


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I can’t wait to work with you!

Use the form below to get started!

Postcards are mailed on the 15th of every month - new clients are accepted through the 14th of each month.

If you sign up after the 14th, your services will begin the following month.