Happy Mail Monthly Postcard Service

Happy Mail Monthly Postcard Service

20.00 every month

Love the power of happy mail, but just don’t have time to print and mail postcards every month? I would love to take this task off your plate!

Postcard services are $20 per month plus 69¢ per postcard. This includes:

  • Professionally designed & printed postcards 

  • Printing mailing labels

  • First Class Postage

  • Mailing service

  • Information look up on InTouch

  • Postcards are available for both consultants and customers

  • Each month you will most likely have a different number of consultants that you need to send postcards to, so billing is flexible. Here’s how it works:

    • Each month you are automatically charged $20

    • Then, you will receive a form where you can select the individual postcards you  want to send and only pay for the exact number of consultants you are sending postcards to.

    • Once you have paid for your individual postcards, your postcards are mailed within a week!

    • If you have a Unit Newsletter or Unit Website with me, the $20 is waived!

Postcards that are currently available:

  • Consultant Birthdays

  • Customer Birthdays

  • Consultant Anniversaries

  • A3 Status Reminder

  • I Status Reminder

  • T Status Reminder

  • T7 Status Reminder

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