National Area Website

National Area Website

from 49.00 every month

This Website subscription is perfect for a National Area that finds value is simplified systems and a cohesive brand and message! With a gorgeous website main hub and individual landing pages dedicated to each Sales Director this website is designed for an experience that is both seamless and cost effective.


Upon purchasing your website you will need to complete a form which gives us the information we need to personalize your website for you! Your appropriate form is due within 48 hours of signing up for an Area Website or Unit Page.

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All services begin on the 1st of a given month. Your payment today cover the up-coming month and you can expect your services to begin on the 1st. If todays date falls on the 23rd or later your services may not be available until a few days into the new month- this simply ensures that we have enough time to give you an exceptional website and experience!

Click here to read our Subscription Agreement. By purchasing a Unit Website or Director Page, you are accepting the terms of use of this service.

Please note this service is for clients residing in the United States only.

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Area Recognition Updated 2X Monthly:

· Director Call-out

· Leading Unit in Sales

· Leading Unit in sharing

· Unit Court of Retail Sales

· Director Monthly Star Consultants

· Quarterly per-unit number of star consultants call-out

· DIQ Recognition

· Future Director Recognition

· Team Leader Recognition

· Star Team Builder Recognition

· Destination Red Qualifiers

· Sweet Treat Seminar Reocognition

· Director Birthdays

· Unit Anniversaries

· MK University

· Color Confidence

Individual landing pages dedicated to Sales Director's within the National Area which include:

· Director photo and bio/introduction

· Unit Info to know to include Success Meeting info, monthly unit goals, and Director contact information

· Recognition in 9 categories updated 2X monthly

· Director's favorite resources to store and categorize personal documents for team

· Prize claim form

· New Consultant Packet download links (packet not included, but available for purchase if needed at

· Consultant photo registration and access to consultant photos folder for your own use

· Access to entire National Area website pages including New Consultant system, opportunity marketing page, resource center, and more!

Unit Recognition Updated 2X Monthly:

· Bracelet Achievers

· Queen of Sales

· Queen of Sharing

· Monthly Star Consultants

· Quarterly Star Consultants

· New Consultants

· Red Jacket Consultants

· Anniversaries

· Birthdays


· Color Confidence

· Skincare Confidence

45 minute website coaching session for use by National Sales Director or individual of her choice

Add paypal button to accept payments for events

30 minutes of Personal Updates

New Consultant System

Opportunity marketing

Free Resource Center

Director’s Favorite Resources

Company updates

Back end access for National Sales Director and one additional person of her choice

Password protection

Pre recorded website editing tutorials and personally recorded tutorials as needed Read more: