Shake Up Your Makeup Bag | Free Download!

Shake Up Your Makeup Bag | Free Download!

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Mary Kay Ash always said to simply find a need and fill it, and that is exactly what this FREE sales tool is all about! Listen to the Voxer message below, and read the training information, to learn how you can help your customer show you where her needs lie so you can help her fill them!

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Here's what you need for a shake up your makeup bag appointment:

  • 1-3 people, but no more than 3. This is best done as a one-on-one appointment!

  • This placemat and survey sheet

Here is what you do NOT need for your appointment:

  • Products

  • Samples

This is just you and her over a cup of coffee, having girlfriend time. Keep is simple sweetie, build a relationship with your client!

Start by calling your customers using this simple script:

Hey Sally! I'm doing a consumer research study to see which products women are using and find out why they love them. To participate in the study, you just need to meet me for coffee and dump out your makeup bag in front of me. Would you be willing to meet me for coffee for like, 20 minutes and dump out your makeup bag?

Before meeting your client or potential client, prepare your tools! Print all 3 pages of the shake up your makeup bag document. In your document, you'll find a placemat which can be put on the table with 4 categories:

  • Love it

  • Like it

  • Replace it

  • Don't use it

Once she dumps out her makeup bag, ask her to begin categorizing each of the products. As she places her current beauty products in the latter 3 categories, like, replace, and don't use, she is showing you "these are the products that I'm not attached to, that I don't love." She is showing you a need for better products- it's your job now to help fill that need!

On the second sheet with squares, the one that has a place for her contact information, write down what she places in each square on her placemat and why she said she didn't place it in the "love it" category - you can also make note of products that you recommend to fill the need for a better product, from the Mary Kay product line.

Now, it's time to make the sale!

Your client has shown you her needs - the products she is not in love with - so you can now share with her products that are a better fit that she will love.

Now Sally, I noticed that you mentioned you don't love your mascara because ______ and _______. Is there anything that I can help you with today?"

At this time, she will share with you the products she specifically wants to replace and buy and it is an opportunity for you to suggest other products based on the needs she shared with you. As she shares the products she wants, write them down in the "I want to use my discount on..." column.

At this point you have a few options: you can have products in your car to sell, take an order to deliver later, or book a party/experience. The one thing you do NOT want to do is bring products in with you. Treat this as a relationship building exercise: it's just you and her over coffee. That's it!