Simplified Social | Monthly Subscription

Simplified Social | Monthly Subscription

from 159.00 every month

A Unit Facebook Management service designed for Directors who want teams that are motivated, engaged, and connected!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this service begin?

This service begins on the 1st of a given month- your purchase today reserves your service to begin on the 1st of the coming month.

What is required of me this week?

On the 20th you will receive a questionnaire where I will gather important information from you to set up your service and get to know your preferences. This questionnaire must be completed by the 24th so please keep your eye out!

What is the minimum commitment?

This is not an instant-results service but rather a service that over time delivers better and better results. For this reason a minimum 3 month commitment is required. If you would prefer a 3 month commitment and 10% discount please visit:

What is required of me every month?

Each month you will receive a questionnaire where you can customize your content for the upcoming month as well as request personal scheduling services. This questionnaire is short and sweet and is due during the second to last week of every month.

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