Warm Chat Skincare Sample Survey

Warm Chat Skincare Sample Survey


Warm chat tip: use skincare surveys! They’re my FAVORITE way to warm chat- here’s now I do it:

  • Supplies needed: travel size spritzer of water, disposable cloths cut in quarters, n/d cleaner, n/d moisturizer, thank you gifts- I like to use mini satin hands hand creams, printed surveys, pen or pencil (alternate: use our premium digital business card for your survey- ask me to add our skincare survey to your card!)

  • Spot a sharp women with a minute to spare! I like to use skincare surveys at. Coffee shops, because you need a minute and the tables are a nice touch!

  • Set her know that today you need to get 10 surveys completed and ask if she would be willing to try a skincare sample on the back of her hand and fill out a survey. Usually the answer is yes!

  • Spritz her hand, then allow her to wash it with cleanser, wipe the cleanser off with a cloth, them moisturize

  • Ask her to complete the survey

  • When she hands the survey back with ALL boxes complete (including contact info) give her a thank you gift and your business card (better yet, TEXT HER your digital business card! That breaks the ice so that when you text later to book an appointment it’s not unexpected because you’ve texted before!)

  • THATS IT! It’s super simple and it takes under 5 minutes! You can do it! 

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