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Simplified Social

A Unit Facebook Management service designed for Directors who want teams that are




You’ve realized the new Seminar year is here and you’re not really sure where to start.

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You’ve got some big dreams, but not quite the support to make them happen.

You have a long list of to dos and all of them are a priority.

You're ready to delegate and automate your communication with your team, and you're done missing important updates and feeling behind.
You want to make sure that your first investment of the year is fruitful, and one that is going to make a measurable difference in your business.


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Well friend, you’re invited to scoot over in the drivers seat and rest for a moment.

Together we’re going to reach those bigger dreams you have and make this your best seminar year yet.

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Simplified Social

A Unit Facebook Management service designed for Directors who want teams that are

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without having to sacrifice their whole life to make it happen.




Your time is valuable and there never seems to be enough.

Thats why this service is 99% hands off.

You fill out a quick questionnaire each month, then I make magic happen in your Unit Facebook Group- all under your name, so you look like a rockstar.

You’ll save hours, yet get more done than ever before!

Isn’t it time to stop feeling so exhausted all the time and get back to what brings you joy in your life and business?

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The Simplified Social Experience

This Unit Facebook Group Management Service allows you to delegate the tasks that take up your time so that you can focus on what makes your business unique - the personal communication, coaching, and experience your provide to your team.

As a client you’ll receive

Weekly photo recognition in two categories
Monthly photo recognition in two categories
Weekly New Consultant Photo Recognition
Birthday & Anniversary Photo Recognition
Weekly meeting scheduling & reminders
Team event scheduling & reminders
Choice of team challenges
Company news, updates, and events
Business management education
Marketing tips and product education

A total value of over $900!

And walk away with:

Increased engagement from your team
Increased reach and visibility so that your messages are heard by those they need to reach
Clear and consistent communication with your team
On trend branding & a professional image
Peace of mind that your team is taken care of
A team that is informed and educated

and most importantly, you’ll walk away with Hours of your time, reclaimed, to spend doing what brings you joy.
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Plus, these bonuses!

These gifts are worth over $260.

Custom monthly unit goals cover photo - one team, one dream!
Personal scheduling for up to 5 posts - let me make sure your message gets out when it needs to!
Gorgeous tracking sheets for company promotions & challenges
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YES you still have to show up for your team in person
YES you still have engage with your team personally


Now you have time to do it, and do it with intention.



“Are YOU ready to take back your time? and get back to what brings you joy?"

Imagine this... It’s Friday night and you feel organized. You know that your team has everything they need to succeed. They’re recognized, informed, educated, and engaged.

The only item on your to do list is whatever brings you joy in your life or your business.

And you'll reap the benefits of your investment over and over again for years to come.


This service combines

Strategic marketing techniques learned from industry leaders
Years of professional design experience backing you up
Intentional social media management to make sure your hessage is being heard



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The total value of this service is over $1,100

But our pricing starts at just $159.



“But is Simplified Social right for MY business?"

New Directors
Top Directors
Seasoned Directors
2nd, 3rd, 4th Time Directors
Trip Earning Directors
Second year Directors
A motivated, engaged, connected team is necessarey at ANY level of Directorship to be successful, which makes this service perfect for all Directors.

Whether you don't use a Unit Facebook Group at all and know it's time to start, or you've been using your group for years and are ready to delegate, Simplified Social is for you.

Wait, I still have a few questions!

  • Is my business a good fit? Yes! A motivated, engaged, and connected team is a necessity for all Directors to be successful - whether you’re brand new or you’ve been an entrepreneur for 30 years.

  • How much work do I need to do every month? Each month on the 20th I will email you a form to fill out - this is where you get to customize your service! This form can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

  • What if I need to change something each month? You are 100% empowered to do that! Each month when you fill out your form you have an opportunity to keep everything the same, or request something new.

  • Are the designs always the same? We love to keep it fresh, while helping you build brand recognition! That’s why we change our designs every 3 months. It’s the sweet spot where your team has enough time to recognize the posts as yours, but they’re never stale or outdated.

  • What if I want to add extra recognition, in addition to the two monthly and two weekly categories? We would love to help you recognize your team more! This service is by request only and subject to availability. To request additional recognition, please email Here’s how billing for this additional service works:

    • Add one new category to be posted once per week: $50 per month

    • Add one new category to be posted once per month: $30 per month

  • How fast will I see results? This is not an instant results service and how quickly you see results is dependent on your team - most of our clients see measurable results begin in month one, and start experiencing those results within 3 to 6 months. We’re playing the long game, not looking for short lived success!

  • What is the commitment and what if I need to cancel? Our minimum commitment is 3 months because this is the minimum amount of time we expect it to take for you to see long-lasting results, but after this 3 month commitment you can cancel at any time before your billing date by emailing or logging in to your account.


Still have a few more questions?

Book a free 15 minute consultation call!