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Simplified Social

What will you do with the time you save?

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Do you ever feel like...

You’re trying to be all of the things all of the time and you're just running out of steam?

You’re talking into an empty black hole and no one seems to be listening?

If you just had an actionable plan on how to manage your Unit Facebook Group it could be a communication game changer.

I hear you girlfriend!

And I’m here to tell you that what you are feeling is completely normal. And that's exactly what the Simplify Your Social service is for. This is your invitation to pause, take a moment to breath, and know that no matter what is going on in your life, your team is taken care of.




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For a moment, imagine:

· It’s 6:30 pm on the last day of the Seminar year….Your team’s orders have already been placed and you’re out to dinner with your family, celebrating a month well done.

· This month is a month for celebrations! With 15 birthdays and 25 anniversaries it’s a lot to remember to share… and on which days again? But not for you. Without a single stroke of the keyboard, your team is recognized on their special day.

· You arrive to your meeting. Everyone is prepared for success, and guests are excited. Your meeting starts on time, and the energy is stellar - everyone is excited to soak up the MK spirit.

Your week ends and you feel organized.

You know that your team has everything they need to succeed. They’re recognized, informed, educated, and engaged. The only item on your to do list is whatever brings you joy in your life or your business.


Say Hello To

Simplified Social

A Unit Facebook Management service designed for Directors who want teams that are




Included In Your Monthly Service:

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Weekly Photo Recognition

Birthdays and Anniversaries, plus choice of two additional areas of recognition posted Friday through Sunday as part of a “weekly wrap up” series. Fore example: all key achievers for the previous 7 days.

$300 Value

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Monthly Photo Recognition

Your choice of two areas of recognition posted during the first few days of every month with photo recognition for the month before. For example: all key achievers for the entire month.

$60 Value

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Challenges & Tracking Sheets

Excite and motivate your team with your choice of challenges and tracking sheets. Our current collection include 6 challenges and tracking sheets to choose from, with a recommended 2 per month.

$360 Value

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Engagement Support

Campaigns designed to boost your teams engagement with each post and in turn help the Facebook algorithm prioritize your posts

$120 Value

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On-Trend Designs

You’re building a high-end business and you need more than a DIY look so we give you fresh designs every quarter so you’ll always be on top of the latest trend!

Invaluable! ;)

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Company Updates

Flash sale? Important announcement? PCP coming up? Seminar registration open? I’ll remind your team with a beautiful post and reminders when appropriate!

$120 Value

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Hand Selected Welcome Gift

A personal welcome gift in the mail, hand selected just for you by Keleigh!

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New Consultant Welcome Posts

Welcome posts featuring a new consultant’s photo shared Friday through Sunday during the week the consultant was recruited as part of a “weekly wrap up” series

$150 Value


Custom Unit Goals Cover Photo

A beautiful custom cover photo for your group that shares your goals with your team updated every month as your goals grow and change!

$60 Value

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Product Knowlege & Marketing Tips

Help your team member become the best beauty consultant they can be with educational posts, tips, and tools

$120 Value

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Event Reminders

Invite your team to your weekly success meeting, events that you’re hosting, and promote company events as they come up

$120 Value

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Personal Scheduling

Have a flyer or post already created? Send it my way and I’ll make sure it is scheduled for the perfect day and time for your message to be heard!

$120 Value

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Blank Post Templates

Access to a private collection of blank square format JPG templates that coordinate with the current month’s design so you can make your own posts as needed!

$180 Value


Are you ready to Simplify Your Social?

Choose the subscription option that best fits the size of your team starting a $159/ month!


Results You Can See

Results shown are from clients after 18 days as a Simplified Social Client


How It Works

Before the 25th: Email monthly events & content for personal scheduling

By the 1st: Your monthly social campaign will be scheduled at optimized times based when your team is usually active on Facebook.

Friday and Saturday of each week: Wholesale orders, queens, and new consultants will be recognized (standard package only).

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Current Designs 

With fresh designs every quarter, you’ll always be in season and on top of the latest trends!



Let’s get started!

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