The Simplified Social Experience

This Unit Facebook Group Management Service allows you to delegate the tasks that take up your time so that you can focus on what makes your business unique - the personal communication, coaching, and experience your provide to your team.

As a client you’ll receive

Weekly photo recognition in two categories
Monthly photo recognition in two categories
Weekly New Consultant Photo Recognition
Birthday & Anniversary Photo Recognition
Weekly meeting scheduling & reminders
Team event scheduling & reminders
Choice of team challenges
Company news, updates, and events
Business management education
Marketing tips and product education

A total value of over $900!

And walk away with:

Increased engagement from your team
Increased reach and visibility so that your messages are heard by those they need to reach
Clear and consistent communication with your team
On trend branding & a professional image
Peace of mind that your team is taken care of
A team that is informed and educated

and most importantly, you’ll walk away with Hours of your time, reclaimed, to spend doing what brings you joy.